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Only Goal-diggers can Relate

#TFCP was created for the underdogs. We wanted to create a Fashion Show, now Reality Show for the people who society count out because of their social status and not their creativity. We created our platform to give designers NO MATTER their race, social status or love life a chance to showcase 1 thing and that's thier TALENT!

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We’re Highlighting our Caribbean Carnival Culture in a way we’ve never seen it done before … on a big screen near you!

At TFCP.COM, we help our clients tell the story of their brand or vision. Through communications, creative direction, production and other outreach efforts, we’re committed to helping you connect and grow. Most of all we'd like to be the ones to help bring your imagination to a reality no matter what we have to bring to the table (hence our service selection) to make it happen. We’re so dedicated to bringing Project to life that last year we created/filmed our very own Reality Show called, none other than … THE FARA CHARLES PROJECT! Coming to a streaming platform or network near you!  Get in touch for more information.

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There's a whole world of stifling models, designers, hairstylist and MUA'S that just cant seem to catch a break due to not being popular enough, or not chasing enough clout. The thing is some people just aren't into all that extra stuff they just want to CREATE! So without even knowing #TFCP created by Founder, CEO Fara Charles slowly over the years became the Representative and platform for the rejected hell of talented underdogs. No matter what race, size, shape, sex or ethnicity we wanted you to know that you are always welcome on our platform, if you're talented of-course. See to us its simple, if you're creative and unique we want to show you off! No matter what it is that you do. After 10 shows, 3 Major city tours (Miami, NYC & ATL) 100 different showcased designers and 500 different uniquely handpicked models we decided to take it a step further and launch our Talent Agency on 1/1/2020! We'd like to show that love, dedication and hard-work through our agency will birth some of this generations rarest fashion (successful HEALTHY very important to us) superstar icons! This ain't no call girl type of agency either! We are legit and have officially turned our brand into a certified LLC (thanks to the besty)! We're also making room for possible production opportunities being that our Production sister group @Girlzonly_pro Directed their 1st video "you owe me" by artist @thePoeticSaj in 2018 on our CEO's Bday October 25th and recently Was the assistant Director / producer of their first ever commercial w/ @Theshoeblvd! (it's true ya'll go look it up on youtube). We’ve also been featured in more than 75+ music videos both behind and in front of the camera. Now our latest project which we’re so exited about is a Reality Show about regular talented designers willing to step outside the box and create carnival costumes while competing.. the cool Part is We have professional costume designers coaching the contestants and that’s where the drama comes in! We can’t wait for you guys to see the amazing costumes these talent designers created within just 10hrs! Not to mention the items they thrifted and up cycled in just 4/5 hours. There's no telling what industry #TFCP might tap into next but what we do know is #BlacklivesMatter! (Don’t let that go over your heads!)

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The Resume

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Take a look at our journey through photography over the past couple of years! We are so proud of how far we’ve come and so anxious to see how far we go!

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Media Mentions

Creativity Knows No Bounds and neither do WE!

Here's a video of our CEO Fara Charles at our 8th TFCP Fashion Expo in Brooklyn New York last year. She's being interviewed By Lance of @Lytmultimedia on or for more info on thier media group click the link  . It was such a humbling and refreshing experience for both parties. Definitely an exciting show full of life and creativity!

Reaching New Heights

TFCP decided to start a small Merch line after their 2nd SUCCESSFUL show in NYC just for merch-sake i guess... and .. well lets just say we sold out our first LAUNCH! So we decided to make it a permanent part of TFCP brand! W e started off with just tees and now we have model bags, mugs, beauty mask ad so much more!

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Feel free to get in touch for more information about our #TFCP Agency, Fashion Shows, Reality series, Events, the services we offer, or with any other general inquiries.

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